What is this blog about?


This is Caroline, one half of The Traveling Nurses.

In September Dawn and I will have been friends for 25 years, we met in the first week of nursing training when a shy 19 year old asked to join a group of fellow students for a project.

Well many jobs (me), a marriage (also me) and 2 kids each later, here we are.

At present, we work as Radiology Nurses – yes I know who knew that Nurses were in Radiology. This is a sentiment that is voiced at least once a week!

Our plan for this blog is for it to be an addition to our Instagram account. We will talk mostly about our trips together and will include some of the planning and obviously the holidays themselves.

We try and go on holiday outside the UK together at least once a year and have days out together as often as possible.

Some of the posts will also include holidays and trips we take with our own families.

We have a couple of trips and a holiday planned over the next few months, in fact 6 weeks today we will be posting from New York City.

So please take a look at our Instagram page also called the traveling nurses for photos and live videos

Until next time…


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