One of the things I love to do when in a country or city is to try some of the things that they are famous for. I know we should try lots of different things when travelling but I always like the idea of trying the sterotypes.

In this post I will give examples of recent adventures in sterotypes…

Copenhagen Denmark

I always had a fascination with Scandinavia, in fact after the USA (and of course the UK) it is my favourite place. So last year my fellow traveling nurse Dawn and I decided that Copenhagen was our next trip. We plan our trips carefully in order that we can get the most out of even the shortest trip.

We both always have things that we specifically want to do but planning is for another blog post.

Back to sterotypes…

Being the total Scandimanics that we are we decided things we had to try.

Obviously being in Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens was a given.

We then looked at other things, I like to try the traditional foods so for Denmark it was Danish pastries (wienerbrød), Danish bacon and of course Carlsberg beer.

Finally as my son is a huge Lego fan (and has been since being a small boy, he is now 19), we just had to go to a Lego store. As Denmark is the true home of Lego, I left with a Lego based gift for him.

I hope you liked my brief insight into stereotypical items of Denmark. I’m sure there are many more and I hope to visit again and try them all.


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