What we ate in Copenhagen…

As I have said before one of our favourite things to do when traveling is try the food. In fact I have said on many occasions it is one of the reasons I travel. Dawn and I recently travelled to Copenhagen. In my last post I talked about what we saw, in this post I will be talking about what we ate.

We arrived quite late in the evening and after a train ride into the city and a slight detour whilst finding our hotel we decided to go for something to eat.

Unfortunately for us it seems that many of Copenhagen’s restaurants stop serving at 11pm. So we actually ended up eating in a weird kebab/Indian/pizza place. It was reasonable food and not bad value considering we were in an expensive city. We then went to get a drink at the bar I mentioned in my previous post.

The following morning we were keen to make an early start as realistically we only had one full day in Copenhagen. We didn’t fancy the hotels buffet breakfast so we went out in search of breakfast.

It turns out that most of the restaurants near to our hotel (that are not fast food joints) don’t open until 9am.

However we persevered and found a lovely little cafe in the basement of a local building after a precarious step down into it, a latte (in a glass) and warm Danish pastry were obtained.

So after some sustenance we wandered off down to meet our boat at Nyhavn. After the boat trip, which I spoke about in my post ‘Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen’, we were peckish again. Despite suspecting that Nyhavn maybe one of the more expensive areas to eat we decided to try there anyway. We found a small cafe which was offering an open sandwich platter with coffee and dessert at a reasonable price so in we went.

The restaurant was quite small but very quaint, the sandwich was 3 slices of rye bread with various toppings including egg mayonnaise.

The waitress brought out the coffee and 2 very small pots of milk. Now I usually drink lattes when I go for coffee so this was a little strong for me. I had read that the Danish liked strong coffee so I had been trying to build up my tolerance, that being said the 2 pots provided were nowhere near enough even in such a small cup. So I asked for more milk. The waitress seemed very surprised at my request but brought two more pots anyway.

The aforementioned dessert was nothing like what we were expecting. When one orders Danish apple cake you expect, well a cake, this was more like stewed apple with a crunchy topping. However unusual it looked it was very nice.

Our next stop was Tívoli, as it was almost Christmas time we decided to sample the Glogg.

Glogg is hot wine with traditional spices. Danish Glogg at Tívoli comes with or without almonds and dried fruit – we decided to try it with and good it was too.

It was getting quite late by this point and despite the warming effects of the Glogg we were starting to feel cold (and tired) so we decided to venture back to the hotel. To be honest when we booked the hotel we had no idea that the on site restaurant was American themed. As it had now been quite a long day we decided to eat there. This was not a mistake I had a chilli cheese dog and a Carlsberg beer. Not very Danish I know but at least the beer was local (ish).

The following morning we slept a little later and by the time we were up and dressed it had passed the magical opening time of 9am. We had seen a restaurant that we fancied trying the previous day but it had been close. This time when we got there it was open and serving a very good breakfast buffet which included juice and hot drinks. I managed to check off a few other Danish delicacies during breakfast including Danish bacon and Danish blue cheese.

During the research for is trip I had discovered a coffee shop with the usual name of -The Bastard Cafe. Now whether this word means something else in Danish I know not but Dawn and I decided that it would interesting to find this place.

Find it we did and it was cool. One of the rooms was purely filled from floor to ceiling with shelves and shelves of board games. The adjoining room was a cafe with wall murals and mis matched chairs. We ordered a coffee (in a glass – Dawn was not a fan of this practice) and took our seats. The coffee was good and the atmosphere relaxed, in fact, other patrons seemed be settling in for the afternoon taking advantage of the free board games.

Unfortunately for Dawn and I, our time in Copenhagen was coming to a close and I know we didn’t sample even a small portion of Copenhagen’s culinary delights but isn’t that just an excuse for another visit?


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