The Park that inspired Walt Disney

During our visit to Copenhagen, Dawn and I decided that one of the things we definitely wanted to see was Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli is a traditional theme park in the heart of Copenhagen, it has been open since 1943 and is the second oldest theme park in the world.

Dawn and I were keen to visit Tivoli as we knew that it had been the inspiration that lead Walt Disney to open Disneyland in California in 1955.

The price of the boat trip along the canal  included entrance into Tivoli as part of a deal. Our hotel was right near Tivoli and we had passed it on our way to the canal trip but we had decided that we wanted to visit Tivoli later in the day as we had seen photos of it lit up in all it’s glory and felt that if we went in the daylight it would not seem as magical.


On arrival we acquired ourselves some maps, unfortunately the map I got was in Danish as I didn’t see that there were maps in English. However, Dawn was more observant than I and collected an English map.


On entering the park you are greeted a pathway leading down to a beautiful building. On either side of this pathway there were Christmas themed cabins selling all manners of wares including Christmas ornaments and delicious foods.










We walked long the path to be greeted by a building lit up with many white lights, in front of this building was what appeared to be a swan carousel o a frozen lake. this building was in fact a restaurant.



The park itself was divided into lands similar to Disneyland.

There was a Chinese themed land with a Chinese boat ride with beautiful boats and a Chinese tower that were lit up and reflected in the lake.









Another area was themed in what can only be described as a horror movie theme. the main ride in the area was a rollercoaster called ‘The Demon’.

There was areas for younger children also including a ride that appeared to be based on the life and stories of Hans Christian Anderson, from my observation I could see that this was the ride that inspired ‘Its a Small World’ in all the Disney parks.

One of the main differences I noted between Tivoli and other theme parks I have visited was that because the entry price was so low if you wanted to utilise any of the rides there was an additional cost, usually around 25DKK. Unfortunately if you were a family this could turn into a very expensive day.

Also dotted around the parks were traditional fairground stalls where visitors could win prizes.









There are many restaurants and although we didn’t actually eat in any of the food, as we passed by seemed to be of reasonable quality. In addition to the restaurants there were stalls selling Christmas foods such as Glogg, a traditional Christmas hot drink, and crepes and waffles with Nutella.


Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our day out in Tivoli and would be keen to return and see it in the summer months when the light nights would show a whole different side.


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