Christmas in Manchester

Manchester is the main city near where Dawn and I live. Our town in essentially in between both Liverpool and Manchester. Liverpool has recently begun to have markets to celebrate Christmas but Manchester is still the place to go if you want to visit Christmas markets in the north west of England.

As I have written in previous posts Manchester is one of my favourite cities to visit. I tend to visit there quite regularly however during the Christmas season Manchester is a lovely city to visit.

There are a number of markets dotted around the city centre. They are quite close together and there are maps around the city advising where each market is in relation to the other.



The main market is situated outside the town hall in Albert Square. This is mainly a food market and features the famous Old Windmill bar. The Old Windmill is the centre piece of this market and has 2 floors with food and drink sold on each floor.

The usual Christmas market fayre is available at this market including hot Gluhwein and bratwurst sausages. There is also stalls that sell craft beers, hot chocolate and strudel. When we go there we like to sit or stand and watch people pass by whilst drinking and eating good food.


Whilst the Albert Square market is considered the food market there is food available at the other markets often sold by local business including cheeses, bread and chocolate covered fruit.

A short wander down to King Street and you will find yourself in the French market. This has a wine bar with seats where you can enjoy a leisurely glass of vino. This market also has stalls selling French wares including macarons and French foods suchas garlic mushrooms and bread.


In recent years an additional market has popped up in the Cathedral Gardens area of the city. This area now includes and ice rink and ice bar and this year a winter wonderland featuring ice sculptures and a winter village were folks can sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

I tend to visit the Manchester markets on at least two occasions each year once with my hubby and once with my sister. Our father’s birthday was at the beginning of December so Suzanne (my sister) and I go together to the markets on or around his birthday and toast a Gluhwein in his honour.


Although these are the main markets there are other smaller areas of markets around the city including stalls along the main streets however these are usually repeats of stalls in the other area of the city.


The markets of Manchester have been around now for 20 years and are more and more popular every year in fact this year has been the longest season of all starting at the beginning of November.

As I have said I have visited markets all over Europe and feel that Manchester can stand proud with the best of them.


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